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howard county is placed as the second of labor makes a stop in columbia. >> they thanked firefighters for their dedication. cheryl connor is back with the latest >> reporter: the unemployment numbers have remained steady 9.6%. secretary solis says progress is being made to create more jobs, but on this labor day weekend many families are still scrambling to find work. labor secretary hilda solis chose howard county this labor
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day weekend to thank firefighters for their work in public safety. secretary solis went on a rides along climbed to the top of a ladder truck and had a traditional chili dinner in columbia. >> it shows how technology helped to prevent rising loss. >> reporter: preventing job loss and getting people back to work is the secretary's hot agenda. howard county falls well below if national unemployment number. but just a few miles from where she was speaking, betty griffith and betty read were laid off this year. landing a job and trying to stay afloat is all consuming. >> we keep a positive attitude. >> reporter: they agree there's plenty of help for the unemployed like the affordable homes program that reduces a
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mortgage payment but they say the number of job opportunities needs to expand. >> if you're looking for help, there is a lot. it's just so many people were fighting over the same jobs. >> they just have to make more jobs available or either they need to teach people how to obtain these jobs. it's not the same as it used to be where you would just send in a resume and somebody would contact you. you don't even hear from anybody. >> reporter: secretary solis says 90,000 jobs have been created over the past 8 months, but congress needs to be more supportive of small businesses. >> the real incentive is to create jobs, tax breaks for small businesses. entrepreneurs who actually hire people. the federal government doesn't hire people it's small businesses and those businesses that know that that's the engine of growth. >> reporter: and debbie reed has create a small business she teaches a coupon place to help people save money. her mom went back to school. being unemployed has led both
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of them to tap into some untouched skills. cheryl connora connor, abc news. they are >> the president is scheduled to stop in cleveland on wednesday where he'll unveil more proposals for economic recovery. abc 2 news wants to help you get back to work log on to our web site at and click on the back to work tab under the money section. there you'll find information on searching for work and tips to help you get hired. well, it's back to business all up and down the east coast. hurricane earl did not live up to a monster storm. the storm brushed the coast of massachusetts knocking down trees and power lines. earl left behind strong rip currents as well. that kept many beachgoers out of the water this labor day weekend. rosie surf calming down in-
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ocean city today. it's going to set the stage for a beautiful day. clear skies tonight. had a few about clouds earlier this evening brush by the area but those are all out to sea now. and as we zoom in a little bit here take a look how cool it already is out there tonight. you probably felt the chill in the air. we got 61 at pwi50s in eastern shore and 50 in york. we're going down in the 40s in some of the northern suburbs especially in the northern parts of baltimore carroll and hartford county. highs today only 78 or so out at the airport. so, tomorrow i think we will improve that. we're talking about 80 or so by lunchtime into the low 80s in the afternoon and less breezy out there. nice looking labor day. what does the rest of your week hold we answer that coming up. a toddler pulled from an anne arundel county pool has died. police say the 2-year-old was found in the family swimming pool of a pasadena home on saturday morning. the family of the little boy
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attempted cpr until help arrived. he was taken to baltimore washington medical center where the boy died. baltimore city police are investigating a shooting that sent a 15-year-old boy to the hospital it happened around 6:00 last night near fulton and pennsylvania avenue. he was shot in the face but is in stable condition at an area hospital. authorities are working to identifyty a body found in south baltimore the discovery was neighborhood in 2600 block of west patapsco avenue. there's no word on a cause of death. police are searching for four suspects who robbed a universi of maryland student this morning. one suspect tackled the victim while another took his wallet. this robbery follows several similar attacks on students in recent weeks. the maryland attorney general is sending a warning about deceitful and misleading campaign literature he issued a statement today saying some
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brochures printed for upcoming elections falsely imply that several candidates have been endorsed by local state and local leaders. he says other handouts have been printed to be official ballots or voter guides. former government robert erhlich's campaign has taken to the air for its first commercial. it began airing in baltimore. he tells voters that maryland is in trouble because of debt and higher taxes. the ad features a mother, a small businessman student and waterman asking the state budget be fixed. the o'malley camp responded said the ad featured false innuendo and promises. the 9/11 anniversary is days away. tensions are already running high with protests all across the country planned depends new
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mosques when an anti-muslim tell advantage lift showed up at ground zero something different happened. >> i love people. i hate nobody. >> reporter: those words sunday from known anti-muslim preacher pill keller, the televangelist to the surprise of the audience he supported a proposed highly controversial muslim community center just two blocks away. but it's not a complete truce. >> they want to go in preach the lice of islam i can come preach the truth of the bible. >> reporter: still mosque supporters welcome the word spoken days before the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the world trade center. >> they can pray in their own house of wore slip. >> reporter: in more walk connecticut protest over any a new mosque in a residential
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neighborhood continues. and in murfreesboro tennessee officials are offering a $20,000 reward to are more about an arson fire on the construction site of a new mosque. they hope it's the last act in a string of protests marches and vandalism. >> i think something would come out of this and make them realize the muslim community is a part of this society. investigator's now have a key piece of evidence in the bp oil spill as the 50-foot 300- ton blowout prevent or that stopped the oil from gushing. craze worked for nearly 30 hours. the process was delayed by ice lining crystals that formed on the device because the crystals are combustible they had to wait until they melted. >> the prevent for will be transferred to other vessels transfer to the area where the blowout prevent for will be
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taken into custody. >> evidence could prove vital in lawsuits. if the equipment was poorly maintained. bp could be found criminally negligent. a close call off the coast of south carolina a boat capsized sending 7 people including three children right into the ocean. this is coast guard video of the early morning rescue. the wife called authorities when the party didn't return home on time. after 20 hours in the water the coast guard pulled the bolters to safety. all were wearing their life jackets. we've all been there rushing to get to work on time when belt way traffic comes to a dead stop. you're cruising along when someone pulls out in front of you. it's those little things that trigger tempers and said blood pressure is rising. in recent years maryland has seen a jump in angry drivers. we got tips how to put put a brake on aggressive and angry driving. beaver fever bieber fever takes
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over the fare. > 78 degrees out at bwi today. little on the cool side though and the radar clear. when do we get some rain and how hot does it get this week? we got those answers coming up. don't hold back, really express yourselves. don't be afraid to go outside the lines guys. ♪
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oh, hi,pinot noir chardonnay. i'll have the same i'll just have a glass of water. ♪ . in tonight's health alert more and more kids and teens are being rushed to emergency rooms for sports related concussions. according to doctors from brown university the number of adolescents from ages 14 to 19 years old seen in emergency rooms for concussions rose up from about 7,000 in 1997 to nearly 23,000 in 2007. over the same period schools
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sports participation fell by some 17%. that's according to a survey for the national sporting goods association. researchers aren't sure whether head injuries are becoming more common or whether fewer young athletes he receiving such athletes go untreated. bieber, one word says it all. it either gives you smiles or an upset stomach. you decide. thousands of rabid screaming giggling tween girls packed into the fairgrounds to get bieber fever he's a former internet phenom that turned into april industry. thousands and i mean thousands of people packed into the fairgrounds to get a shot at the tickets. the few lucky thousand got there were all atwitter and twittering as well. >> we got here 6:30 and it's definitely worth it. there's been fights and everything. it was really crazy. >> it's going to be worth it
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so it's going to be a great concert. >> i think he's so cute and i love his music. his song somebody to love is one of my favorite songs. >> we love justin bieber!. >> in effort to avoid a crush fans are given wristbands for times so they would be allowed in at different times so there wasn't a tween girl giggling stampede. if you haven't guessed tonight's concert was a complete sell out. well, it is that time of year again, vacation is over and the kids are back at school. more and more people are back to work. you know what that means, more traffic on the belt way. with more traffic comes more of something that we've all experienced these days, road rage. jamie costello is here with tips on how to keep your road rage in check and advice on how to prevent your self from becoming a victim.
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>> it's ridiculous. totally ridiculous. >> reporter: most of us have experienced one time or another. >> i had it this morning on the belt way. >> reporter: road rage, that's that feeling when you get when someone in front of you is driving slow in the fast lane or someone cuts you off of the highway. you honk, maybe even display that certain finger but police say road rage can be more serious than a simple exchanged of dirty looks. >> we see fights on the side of the road we see people get stabbed and shot on the side of the road trying to confront an aggressive driver. >> reporter: they have seen cases of aggressive driving in our state increase. in just four years the you in per of cases went up 63%. there were also a 54% jump in actual number of injuries and 9% jump in the number deaths. there are ways to keep your rage in check. for one give yourself plenty of time before leaving for work. >> sometimes people are more
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stressed if they are feeling rushed and encounter backups and congestion we want people to be sure they give themselves plenty of time before they etch leave their homes. >> reporter: number two be could you tell just. >> just be a courteous driver is probably the best bet. obey the speed limit obey the laws of the road. >> reporter: experts say it's important to plan ahead, check traffic records r reports before you leave so you can avoid the jams. and be aware of current construction projects so you can plan your detours. number 54, avoid conflict. >> sort of avoid eye contact avoid using your horn. these are things that just sort of trigger people. >> and never take on an aggressive driver yourself. if you're being tailgateed or in an aggressive situation or see an aggressive situation unfolds pound 77, 911 if it's that bad or call the local direct letter. give description of the vehicle tag numbe >> reporter: finally listen to
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calming music. the dangers of road rage can be as simple as taking a deep brett and letting it go. >> i just pray on it keep going. >> just calm myself down gather my composure count to 3. >> chill out. you'll get to work when you get to work, jamie costello abc 2 news. for more information on how to avoid aggressive drivers and for complete list of current road projection in the area so you can better map out your commute. go to >> i call it the calm after the storm, once hurricane earl moved out made absolute beautiful weather. folks soaked up the sun and got exercise this afternoon along with their four footed friends. >> he was happy did you see the ears bouncing there rosie.
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> oh, yeah before he bites somebody. >> even dogs were happy. >> there was good weather for the bieber concert. >> that's where lynnette is tonight. >> beautiful sunshine and a lot of people out there for that. we've got another fantastic day tomorrow. warming up for the holiday. hope you have the labor day off right. >> for everyone watching we hope to have labor day off. >> i'll be working. >> let's take a look at it. beautiful night out there rosie. a little on the cool side. if you've been out in the last couple of hours you definitely felt that early autumn chill in the air. we're talking about 61 right now. humidity 67% no wind to speak of. that's a change from earlier this weekend when we had some pretty gusty winds out there. take a look. some beautiful shots today. i want to show you some of our weather net cameras exclusive cameras across the state today. look at all the traffic in the inner harbor through this sunday. people definitely taking in the sunshine enjoying themselves. had to put on an extra layer. look at the trees shaking a
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little bit in the wind as we time lapse through the afternoon. so nice looking day, blue skies just about everywhere. nice blue sky day there practice on the field. i want to take you also to northeast. check out a beautiful early september sunset as that sun dives over the bay. gorgeous looking postcard shot there. high temperatures generally held down in the upper 70s today. some sports a little warmer. this morning we started off in the low 50s. 49 in yak to start york to start it off. only upper 70s tomorrow. right now we're cooling off sharply already. 50 york 60 baltimore. ocean city chilly 56 there. all clear had a few clouds earlier this evening skirt central maryland mostly on the eastern shore. those clearing out and behind those clouds we've got nothing.
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i mean, giant bubble of high pressure going to keep us high and dry. next several days, the cool air will keep flowing in tonight. chilly start in the morning, but as you go out tomorrow afternoon the sunshine is going to warm us up one thing that's going to happen the cool air flow out of the north is going to begin to give way to a warmer southerly flow and that's going to allow for things to warm up pretty nicely around here next couple of days. we could push 90 or so midweek before we get another cool front in here. forecast keeping us clear. lots of sunshine tomorrow. you're going to be out and about definitely put on the sunscreen. high uv index tomorrow especially flu 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. then tuesday more beautiful clear skies as we head back to work and school. i don't think we get a new cool front in here until probably late wednesday into thursday that probably will bring no rain. the dry pattern continues and not much hope for a new tropical system to bring us rain. one tropical left overs of gaston this was about 60% chants it will spin up into something significant but the track really a wild card right
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now. overnight 52, breezy and cool out there. chilly start in the morning actually. but your labor day turns out very nice. 83, sunny skies feeling a little warmer out this. get rid of the breeze. tomorrow night 60 or so with a bit of a south breeze. and the 7-day forecast nice warming trend into the middle part of the week pushing 90 or so on wednesday. some of us will hit 90 that day. then a new cool front drops us to 80 or so. thursday friday. next chance of rain doesn't come in until next weekend that's a pretty slim chance right now. we'll see. rosie. >> if you're going downtown tomorrow expect a lot of traffic around m and t bank stadium as the crab bowl is on. maryland and navy are squaring off tomorrow at 4:00. the two schools are only about 28 miles apart but they very rarely play each other. the last time they played was 5 years ago. the baltimore officials and the ravens are working to try to get the two teams to play each other every three years or so.
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the battle over craigslist ads wages on. the latest move in an effort to take down the adult as much ass category on the popular web site. plus, the jetblue flight attendant who literally slid into the national spotlight is back. we'll explain coming up.
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. a jetblue flight attendant who made a dramatic exit down an emergency chute is no longer working for the airline. stephen slater's attorney said he resigned and was not fired. he became a hero of sorts to some after the august incident. authorities said he grabbed some beer and triggered and inflatable emergency chute from a plane at jfk in new york. his attorney says it happened after he went to help a passenger but he got injured when a woman slammed an overhead lunge bin on hi head. he has pleaded not guilty to
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charges of reckless edge endangerment criminal trespass his court appearance is set for tuesday. well, it looks like craigslist has surrendered in the legal better battle over the erotic ads posted on the web site. the adult services section has been shut down. >> reporter: if you log on to craigslist looking for adult services, this is what you'll find. >> reporter: sensored the infamous section now shut down. craigslist has long claimed the spot was created only for legitimate adult businesses. it reportedly generated $36 million a year in revenue. but critics considered it a lure for allowed and lascivious behavior. a charge bottle centered by last year's arrest of 24 year-
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old boston medical student phillip mark off. the craigslist killer murdered a masseuse. he was accused of robbing two other women. craigslist ceo promised more vigilance. >> we're shocked and horrified any time we hear of violent crime or any crime being linked to our site in anyway and it causes us to kind of redouble our efforts to get the word out about being safe online. >> reporter: mark off committed suicide in his jail cell awaiting trial in august. recently 17 state attorney's general filed suit demanding the adult services be shuttered. it's unclear as the section is closed for good or in the word sensored that replaced it is meant as a message to critics for a site that offers almost anything answers appear in short supply. wyatt has another check of the very nice forecast coming up.
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the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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. a maryland fisherman read in an 8-foot shark. he battled the big guy in the potomac river. with help with some friends willie dean wrestled it out of point state park. bull sharks aren't bothered by fresh water. they swim in shallow water. this one turned up a half mile from shore. wow. >> wow, seeing that rosie. >> what do you say after that. >> it's going to be a wild
11:31 pm
scene told at m and t bank stadium. battle for the free state. connect off 4:00. 83 clear and mild looks great for the game and tailgating all day long. your hour by hour forecast tomorrow into the low 80s we go. so great looking labor day. >> that's all for us thanks for watching. when we're not here go to the net. we've got it all this. there. [ female announcer ] think it takes hours to get rich, glossy haircolor like this? think again. you can get it in 10. with perfect 10. from nice 'n easy.
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